Why Choose Tarot Peeper 10x Optical Zoom Camera in India

TAROT PEEPER T10X is a great 3-axis gimbal for model aircraft enthusiasts, it provides a 10X optical zoom. The F2.0 uses 1/3 color CMOS4 image sensor which supports approx.4 million effective pixels(2688 x 1520). With unique internal wiring design, built-in IMU gimbal control module, specialized servo drive module, this peeper T10X can be widely applied to various model aircraft activities and entertainments.10X optical zoom breaks the limitations of light and space, providing a new visual dimension, you can use it to capture a clear, precise search area anytime, anywhere, which makes work more efficient, easy and safe. It is widely used in public security monitoring, power patrol, search and rescue, remote sensing mapping, life exploration and other types of UAV mission.

High precision driving algorithm, independent IMU to control PTZ posture, attitude control accuracy reaches 0.02 degrees, the integrated precision servo drive module.
– Point angle is 420 degrees, support 3-6S wide voltage input.
– Micro-SD card slot is overhead to avoid the rain influence.
– HDMI1.4 HD output port.
– Support SBUS decoding module upgrade port, using the Micro-USB link to connect the computer to upgrade parameters.






Support SBUS decode module upgrade port ,Used the Micro-USB wire connection to PC


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