The Tarot Iron Man 650 adopts Toray 3K carbon fiber woven cloth fiber board, with 3K hollow twill pure carbon fiber tube (non-3K glassy carbon tube). A full CNC machining design with higher standards than similar priced products. All the carbon and CNC work means the full frame weighs only 476 grams! The Full folding design makes for a high portability design and is highly adjustable to meet the needs of most utilitarian applications.

The Tarot 650 series with its high portability, lends itself to off the beaten path flying and tasks such as aerial photography, remote sensing, mapping, life exploration and the list goes on. If you’re ready for a pro grade multirotor platform, look no further than the Tarot 650.

• Fold-ability for transportation and storage
• Toray 3K carbon fiber
• Lightweight
• 15 Minute flight times (Dependent on setup)
• Folding landing gear
• 60mm rail mount

Size motor to motor: 650mm
Weight: 476g
Height from ground to lower rods: 180mm
Height from ground to top: 220mm

5ch Radio system
Flight controller
Propeller size: 10~11 inch carbon fiber propeller
Motor:  620~980KV 2212~4006 brushless motor
Battery specifications: 11.1~14.8V 3000~5000mAh
Brushless ESC: 20~30A

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 36 × 23.2 × 6 cm


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