Tarot 4008 Martin long flight time brushless motor is available for the long flight time multirotor (Quadcopter take off weight ≤ 3.5kg, , hexcopter take off weight≤ 5 kg). Using 4008 Martin long flight time brushless motor together with  Martin folding propeller makes the drone a longer flight time. The 4008 Martin long flight time brushless motor have a extremely low center of gravity to increase the stability. The built-in automatic heat sink makes low temperature and high efficiency.

Tarot 4008 Martin long flight time brushless motor is produced by Tarot’s superb CNC milling composite processing technology, a single motor weigh is only 85g (including folding propeller clip). Martin series products belongs to the new generation of TAROT power combo, with long time testing and calibrating, they all specialized in low power consumption, heavy lift, excellent products for long flight time requests. The new design of the folding rotor mounting seat have a wildly adaptability, can be used with common propellers and new Martin folding propellers. The motor base suspends high in the air to protect the coil. The mounting hole size is 19MM/ triangular mounting hole 27.7MM, compatible with the most frame in the market, its appearance keep consistency with the traditional motor. The 4008 Martin long flight time brushless motor have all advantages of TAROT brushless motor, high efficiency, long life, low power consumption, low noise, and excellent stability.

Product parameters:
Support lithium section number: 6S
Propeller installation diameter: 10MM/12MM/34MM
Propeller: 17-19 inch
Stator diameter: 38MM
No load current: 20V 0.53a
Stator thickness: 8.0
Stator number: 18N
Motor pole number: 24P
Speed: 330KV±5%
Motor external diameter: 44.5MM
Axis diameter: 4MM
Motor height: 22MM
Maximum continuous current: 30A
Maximum continuous power: 497W
Motor weight: 85g (including the propeller seat)


Purchase including:
Tarot 4008 Martin Flight Time Brushless Motor: * 1
Metal folding propeller base (44 * 10 * 2.5MM): 2.0g * 1
CF folding propeller base clip (44 x 15 X2.0MM): 0.85g*1
Metal folding propeller base mounting screws: M3 * 4MM half round head screw 0.4g*2
Rotor mounting screw: M3 * 11.3MM sleeve screws 0.6g*2
Motor mounting screws: M3 * 8MM half round head screw 0.4g*3
Spare motor mounting screws: M3 * 5MM cup head screws 0.4g * 4
Teflon washer (8 x 3 x 0.5MM): 0.05g*6



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