The Tarot Iron Man 1000 Carbon Fiber Octocopter Frame is an 8 axis octocopter frame. It uses 100% carbon content Toray 3K plain carbon fiber woven and CNC machined with precision. It is made using a high temperature and high pressure precast of 2.0 thickness of pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber sheet with a quality beyond conventional commercially available products.

Tarot TL100B01 adopts CNC precision machining method to cut carbon fiber board and Aluminum alloy
tubes, his design standards is higher than similar products, the full set of rack only weighs 1.60 kgrams. Full
folding design, satisfied users high portability requirements, particularly suited to do surveillance, remote
sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance,Observed fire, life exploration, the cable line patrol, farm
monitoring, and other high mobile performance requirements.



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