– Super lightweight,allows the camera,battery,ESC, image transmission and antenna to be plugged directly on the frame or soldered on the PCB board,much less wiring,easy to install.
– Using 1.6mm PCB integration board,all the electronics can be mounted directly in the mounting hole,reduce the fly line interference.
– Very reasonable light frame structure for super long battery life
– Flight test: Using the recommended electronic devices,and 15c/11.1v11000mah battery,can enjoy 9 min flight.

Recommended Parts Sold In Our Store(Not Included):
– 600mw 5.8g mini image transmission
– Mini camera
– CC3D openpilot flight controller
– 5.8g image transmission antenna set
– 5 inch propeller
–  ESC 12A,
– Brushless motor 1860-2280KV
– 11.1V 900mAh 25C Lipo battery(need to do some welding on it)

Note: Only a frame,not included any electronic device.
           The size of the battery should less than 70x32x20mm

Package Included:
1x Mainboard(167x167x1.5mm,34.7g)
1x Left-foot frame board(168×29.5×1.2mm,5.5g)
1x Right-foot frame board(168×29.5×1.2mm,5.5g)
1x Camera mounting board(26x21x1.5mm,0.9g)
2x 700mm servo cable(2.2g)
1 set x XT30 plug
1x Battery magic tape
1x Battery ribbon
1x Chinese-English manual


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