The Professional Line of Tarot Multirotors – The X4 960 Class Multirotor Airframe
The Tarot X Series Airframe is made for the high end users, they are pretty big (900~1000 class), for carrying heavy gimbal and cameras (3-Axis Gimbal and DSLR Camera), use with high end material and well-thought layout on the drone. There are many features we like very much, such as integrated PCB board for easy cabling, foldable arms for easy transportation (no tool is needed) and motorized landing gear so it will not block the camera 360 degrees view, these are good news for Aerial Filming users. We also the design of the frame, the low center of gravity Battery Mount for more stable flight, the position is movable too best balance, 165mm Gimbal Rail System to work with Tarot 3-Axis Brushless Motor Gimbal and special shape arms can hold the ESC inside for cleaner layout, even the Motor Mount has dampers to minimize vibration generated from the propeller, and best of all, this 960 class airframe is easy to transport, how’s that?

The arms can be folded downward with a flip on the lever on each arms, make it transportable within 30 seconds and put it inside the trunk of a car. So how about the rotors? We recommend you use the 18 inch foldable propeller and Tarot 5008 340kv motor, so that makes one very portable and reliable platform to carry your expensive DSLR camera into the sky, all handled by one man.

If you want to experience the latest Multirotor assembly process, try the Tarot X Series Multirotors, every steps are “improved” from the old assembly routine, putting it together is easier than previous generation and see how Multirotor airframes evolved.

Tarot X4 quadcopter is one of the professional photography equipments carriers. New electric retractable landing gear and umbrella-type arm combine to enable a wide range of shooting angles and camera motions. 
Highly integrated PCB board simplifies the cabling. Adequate space is for all kinds of flight controller installation.
Under the recommended configuration with tarot 6115 kv320 motor, Foxtech Multi-Pal 60A OPTO ESC and Foxtech 2255 DK CF propellers, the Tarot X4 is easy to hold 5D devices with long flight time.
– Umbrella type folding arm
– Integrated PCB cable board
– Downward battery mounting design
– 4-direction arm locking design
– Electric retractable landing gear
– Anti-vibration motor mounting seat


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