Product Descriptions :

Pixy is the popular color vision sensor from CharmedLabs. For IR-tracking capabilities, add the IR-LOCK Filter Kit, or buy the pre-assembled IR-LOCK Pixy.

All standard Pixy accessories are included: Arduino cable, mounting screws/nuts, and default lens.

IR-LOCK Pixy is a modified version of the popular Pixy color vision sensor. IR-LOCK Pixy tracks infrared markers instead of color targets in order to increase tracking reliability and consistency. Check out the videos on this page for more details. Also, there is also a lot of introductory information on the Kickstarter page.

The range at which IR LEDs can be detected depends on many factors: lens, IR LED power, operating environment, etc. The typical range for our 360° IR Pod is 30-60 ft (indoor/outdoor), and the range for standard IR LEDs is ~15 ft (indoor). In order to increase range, the best solutions are to (a) change the lens to one with a narrower field of view, (b) increase the size/power of your IR marker, or (c) adjust your exposure setting in the Pixymon GUI


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