Description :

  • 100A current measurement sensor board  based on Allegro Hall Sensor ACS-100U.
  • This Sensor board needs a power supply. So please select the matching BEC according your preference from the BEC section
  • The BEC will also power the flight controller as well as the attached equipment like GPS, telemetry… etc.
  • voltage reading of the LiPo is optimised for up to 6S LiPo packs.
  • Connected to the sensor are 2x10cm AWG12 wire (red) as a standard.
  • The board comes with 10cm connection cable (DF-13-6p <-> DF-13-6p) to the FC. If you need a customized cable in different length, then please order it separately.
  • Easy input of battery monitor values in Mission Planner using provided calibration measurements. Greatly improves voltage and current readings, leading to more accurate battery consumption estimates.


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