HerePro is a professional High Precision Multi-band RTK Navigation module. It supports various GNSS options such as BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS, QZSS. To establish a precise Multi-band Multi-GNSS RTK system, follow these steps to connect two HerePro modules, one serving as the base and the other as the rover. It’s important to note that both the HerePro rover and base have identical software and hardware, with the only variation being in the parameter settings.

HerePro utilizes multi-frequency DGNSS signals with advanced algorithms to converge on an RTK Fix in seconds, achieving more reliable centimeter level positioning.


1. Equipped with u-blox F9P, a professional high precision Multi-band RTK navigation module.

2. Powerful processing performance provided by a built-in STM32H7 chip. It offers real-time processing and data optimization, and Unmanned Industry standard AP_Periph Firmware.

3. The tailor-made multi-band antenna from Taoglas supports L1, L2, and E5 frequencies. It features high gain, high sensitivity, and high stability.

4. HerePro base supports both fixed and moving base mode, selectable for different scenarios to maximize performance.

5. The HerePro module functions as both a base and a rover. Switching between these two functionalities is a straightforward process that can be achieved through parameter settings

6. HerePro uses multi-frequency DGNSS signals with advanced algorithms. This allow fast convergence to an RTK Fix, achieving more reliable and stable centimeter level positioning.

7. HerePro module is 15 x 78mm and 101g.

8. The HerePro supports voltages from 6V to 40V. This allows for compatibility with different voltage levels. To enhance safety, it supports redundant power input system.

9. The HerePro module is designed with a circular ProfiLEDs. It offers multiple built-in display modes. These modes can be easily selected based on specific needs, either through parameter settings or by utilizing the onboard Lua Scripting feature. This flexibility enables the module to effectively convey notifications or serve as a navigation signal, enhancing its usability and adaptability in different applications.

10. CAN FD, real time, and high transmission rate.

11. Built-in 9-axis IMU. Through future firmware updates, HerePro can achieve tightly coupled DGNSS-INS-fusing solutions.




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