Here 4 is a professional High Precision Dual-band RTK Navigation module. It supports multiple GNSS options such as BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS, QZSS.
The Here 4 utilizes advanced algorithms and multi-frequency DGNSS signals to quickly achieve an RTK Fix within seconds. This results in highly reliable positioning at an accuracy within centimeters.
The Here 4 goes beyond being a simple GNSS module. It combines flight control and navigation functionalities into a single device. With 8 PWM or BDSHOT outputs, an RCIN, Hotshoe, and camera trigger, it offers a self-contained solution for accurate mapping and precise control capabilities.


  1. Equipped with u-blox F9P, a professional high precision Dual-band RTK navigation module.
  2. Powerful processing performance provided by a built-in STM32H7 chip. It offers real-time processing and data optimization, and Unmanned Industry standard AP_Periph Firmware.
  3. The tailor-made Dual-band antenna from Taoglas supports L1and L5 frequencies. It features high gain, high sensitivity, and high stability.
  4. Here 4 provides built-in Drone-ID feature. *Blue version supports Drone-ID.
  5. Here 4 uses multi-frequency DGNSS signals with advanced algorithms. This allows fast convergence to an RTK Fix, achieving more reliable and stable centimeter level positioning.
  6. The Here 4 module is 16 x 68mm and 60g.
  7. LED embedded with ProfiLEDs. Built-in multiple display modes for notification or navigation signals. Display modes can be selected according to specific scenarios via parameters or onboard Lua Scripting.
  8. CAN FD, real time, and high transmission rate.
  9. Built-in IMU. Through future firmware updates, Here 4 can achieve tightly coupled DGNSS-INS-fusing solutions.


GNSS module
IMU sensor
Communication Protocol
DroneCAN 8Mbit/s
Receiver type
Dual-band GNSS high precision receiver
GNSS systems
GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou + SBAS and QZSS
Satellite bands
B1I, B2a, E1B/C, E5a, L1C/A, L1OF, L5
Maximum GNSS systems
Navigation update rate(RTK)
up to 20 Hz
Positioning accuracy
0.01 m + 1 ppm CEP
Maximum speed
500 m/s
Convergence time(RTK)
< 10 sec
Cold starts 25s Aided start 2s Hot start 2s
Tracking & Navigation: –167 dBm Cold starts: –148 dBm Hot starts: –157 dBm
Reacquisition: –160 dBm
Dual band antenna
NMEA、UBX binary、RTCM 3.3、SPARTN 2.0.1
Advanced anti-spoofing algorithm


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