What is Cube Orange Plus ?

The Cube Orange Plus is new autopilot from Proficnc / Hex which comes with ADSB IN receiver for detecting manned aircrafts flying near UAV / Drones. Cube orange Plus will be the new standard autopilot which will replace The Cube Orange and Cube Black as its components are almost reached their life.

The Cube orange Plus come with H7 processor with extra memory for developers who want to run their own development code on The Cube.

What is ADS-B IN Carrier Board ?

ADS-B stands for Automatic dependent surveillance—broadcast (ADS–B) is a surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation. ADS-B is used in manned aircraft. Now onward The Cube Orange will come with carrier board which will have ADS-B IN receiver builtin. This hardware will enable your UAV / Drone to identify any manned aircraft flying near by or approaching drone. Autopilot will detect detect approaching and it will automatically adjust its position so that no collision can take place.

ABS Molding ADS-B Introduction
A 1090MHz ADS-B receiver from uAvionix has been integrated into new ADS-B carrier board. Autopilot equipped with the new unmanned system can receive information about the location of manned aircraft in the area Information from aircraft including position,altitude, speed, id, etc can be viewed in Mission Planner. Through parameter setting, you can optionally set up your cube orange to allow the vehicle to automatically avoid aircraft Mat are detected in an exclusion zone set by you.

How to use new ADS-B IN Carrier Board?

Carrier board has built in receiver. With the help of mission planner if you are using Ardupilot or PX4 or any other firmware which is supported by mission planner you can configure parameters for enabling or disabling this feature. As of now this is optional but in future it might me mandatory to activate ADS-B IN for avoiding UAV /Drone fly near manned aircraft. This is restrict UAVs to enter into airspace which is for Commercial or Private airspace.



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