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The SF30 high speed laser rangefinder is designed to detect obstacles or create maps from moving ground-based or aerial vehicles. Using a time-of-flight system to make very fast and accurate distance and speed measurements, accuracy is not affected by the colour or texture of the surface, nor the angle of incidence of the laser beam. The SF30 is virtually immune to background light, wind and noise, making it an ideal sensor to detect unexpected obstacles.

The SF30 can take up to 20010 readings per second and can be incorporated into scanning systems to create 2D SLAM maps or 3D images. The configurable features and multiple hardware interfaces make the SF30 easy to connect with different types of controllers.

Operating from a regulated 5 V DC supply, the SF30 includes a USB interface, serial port, analog port, and alarm and that can be easily connected to a flight controller or a standard processing platform. Each interface on the SF30 can be configured using a simple software menu that is accessible through the built-in, micro-B USB port.




SF30/D requires a clear line-of-sight to measure distance to a target surface. It can be mounted with a vertical or horizontal lens orientation.


  • Long distance (200m) high speed LiDAR applications
  • Multiple return signals, signal strength and noise measurement
  • Upgradable through the free LightWare Studio application
  • 0.2 to 200 m (white wall in daylight conditions)
  • 49 to 20000 readings per second (configurable)
  • Serial, I2C, USB, Analog and Alarm output
  • User APIs, LightWare Studio
  • Open frame, no IP rating


They can be mounted in a downward-facing orientation for altimetry, terrain-following, or precision landing applications. For terrain following, install the rangefinder at an angle to reduce lag time in reaction. The angle depends on the speed traveled, and the overall system lag, but should be between 20 and 45 degrees. They can be mounted forward-facing orientation for sense-and-avoid or position-hold applications.

Each interface on the SF30/D can be configured using a simple software menu that is accessible through the built-in, micro-B USB port

The Acroname Support Engineering Team can help you decide if the LightWare SF30/D is right for your needs and systems. Support is also available for setup and troubleshooting. Call or email our US-based support team.

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