TF03 Long Range LiDAR

TF03 is a industrial high-speed LiDAR, It contains two versions with 100m and 180m. TF03 includes compensation algorithms for outdoor glare and other interference, so it works normally under strong light environment and rain, fog and snow conditions. Different built-in operating modes let customers change parameters and configuration to meet their need.

   Operating range: 0.1-100m
   Frame rate: 1Hz-10KHz
   Enclosure rating: IP67
   Communication interface: UART/CAN/IO
   Weight: 77g±3g
   Product Certification CE

Excellent Performance, Compact Size

TF03 adopts the pulsed time-of-flight principle. The unique design of the optical system and the signal processing circuit improved the detecting performance in a compact size. In addition to increasing the range to more than 100 meters, the key parameters also have excellent performance in the whole range, such as distance resolution, accuracy, repeatability and detection frequency.

High Enclosure Rate, Multiple Interfaces

The shell of TF03 is made of aluminum alloy and infrared band-pass glass to improve the overall strength. The enclosure rate is IP67, which can be applied in various extreme environments.
The TF03 supports multiple interfaces, including UART, CAN, RS232 and RS485, which can satisfy different applications.



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