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The SF000 is an ultra-small and light laser rangefinder designed for size and weight constraint applications. Using a time-of-flight system to make very fast, accurate distance and speed measurements. Accuracy is not affected by the colour or texture of the surface, nor the angle of incidence of the laser beam. The SF000 is virtually immune to background light, wind and noise, making it an ideal sensor to detect unexpected obstacles . LightWare LiDAR SF000/B Small Laser Rangefinder is ideal for LiDAR applications with space and weight constraints. it offers a measurement range up to 50 meters and can take up to 388 readings per second.


  • 0.2 meters to 50 meters measuring range
  • 22mm x 34mm x 21mm dimensions
  • 48 to 388 readings per second (configurable)
  • 1cm resolution
  • 100mA power supply current
  • 4.5V to 5.5V power supply voltage
  • -10°C to +40°C operating temperature range


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