Thermal Camera with Gimbal and Day camera 10X Zoom in India


10x optical zoom with 9x digital zoom + 256 Thermal Imaging IP/HUDMI
dual output dual light small gimbal camera 430g

This comes with dual IP/HDMI output 10x optical zoom integrated system gimbal camera,
256*192 thermal imaging module and high-precision professional three-axis stabilization pod.
It adopts network IP control and high-precision encoder FOC control scheme on the cradle
head. It has the characteristics of high stability, small size, light weight and low power
consumption. The visible light camera uses a low illumination SENSOR with an effective 4
mega pixel. Thermal imaging adopts a vanadium oxide detector with 256×192 resolution and
9x digital zoom. The system supports network RTSP picture-in-picture code stream output,
supports a variety of picture-in-picture modes, a variety of pseudo-colour display, and supports
global temperature measurement function. Both the serial port and the network can control
the camera and the cradle head, and support the local TF card dual-channel video recording
and photographing. This thermal imaging lens has a focal length of 7mm.

Functional characteristics

HD 1080p 10x optical zoom visible light +256 thermal image

A variety of thermal imaging pseudo colour mode

Support multiple picture in picture mode

170 ms low latency RTSP stream output

IP/HDMI output

Whole structure


3-axis stability gimbal camera

Network IP/UART control

Light gimbal 430g

TF card synchronization dual recording with visible and thermal light. Input network IP address to read and show TF card content







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