The RMILEC T4346NB18-J / R4346NB18 LRS System was designed in 2014 as an upgrade to the older 4047 LRS system. Both the transmitter and receiver of the latest NB18 system have been upgraded to meet the latest requirements of the FPV fraternity and the new features include 18 channel scalable communication protocol and SBUS connectivity.

The T4346NB18-J transmitter and R4346NB18 receiver are extremely easy to use thanks to its plug & play feature. The NB18 system has similar RF performance in comparison with the NB20 system and all at a price that will not break the bank!

The NB18 LRS system is beautifully manufactured and will fit radios that have the JR style pin configuration.

• 18 channel scalable communication protocol
• SBUS connectivity
• Simple and easy to use plug and play feature
• Suitable for radios with JR style pin configuration
• Compatible with RMILEC 4047, 4047Lite and NB4346NB18 receivers

RF Power: Low mode 1W, high mode 2W
Data Rate: Low mode 40Hz, high mode 75Hz
Sensitivity: –114 DBM
Adjacent Channel Rejection: –55 DBC
Freq Stability: 2.5 PPM
Freq Range: Mode 1 435+-2.5Mhz, mode 2 445+-2.5Mhz, mode 3 455+-2.5Mhz, mode 4 433 ISM
40-75Hz Full Speed Channel: 1 ~ 8 ch
4-20Hz Low Speed Channel: 9 ~ 18 ch
Control Mode: One to one
TX Voltage Input: 8 ~ 13V
RX Voltage Input: 3 ~ 13V
Operating Temperature: -20c ~ 70c
Communication Distance: 20 ~ 70km
System Weight: 132g

Package includes:
1 x T4346NB18-J radio module
1 x R4346NB18 receiver
1 x Antenna rack
1 x Antenna
2 x Antenna tubes
1 x Fixtures and fittings set


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