Tarot 2-Axis Gimbal Camera with 10x Optical Zoom HDMI Output for Drone in INDIA

Product Parameter :
Product Name: T2D-10x Optical Zoom Camera with Gimbal

Target users: fixed-wing drones, rotary-wing drones, helicopter drones, remote-controlled vehicles, remote-controlled ships, inspection robots

Operating voltage: 12v ~ 25v

Power: 6.5W

Weight: 303g

Dimensions (length, width and height): 70 * 81 * 109mm

Interface type: Micro HDMI

Screen control mode: S.Bus; Serial port; Can

Environmental parameters:

Operating temperature: -10 ° ~ 60 °

Storage temperature: -20 ° ~ 70 °

Gimbal parameters:

Jitter angle: ± 0.01 °

Installation method: removable

Controllable rotation:

Header: ± 200 ° in course lock mode; ± 170 ° in next course and FPV mode

Pitch: ± 120 ° A-10 ° for reverse installation; + 30 A-120 ° for vertical installation

Structural design range: pitch: + 15 ° to -195 °; Course: ± 200 °

Maximum control speed: step: 120 ° / s; 180 ° header / s

Parameter chamber:

Sensor: CMOS: 1/3 “; Total Pixels 4 million; Maximum Resolution 1920 * 1080

Lens: 10x optical lens with f4.9 ~ 49mm zoom

Image storage format: JPEG

Video storage format: MP4

Operating mode: video recording; Take photos;

Through the Mist: Electronic Through the Mist

Exposure mode: Automatic exposure / manual exposure

Resolution: 1920 * 1080 30fps

Minimum illumination: color: 0.05lux / F1.6;

Electronic shutter: 1/3 ~ 1/30000 seconds

Exposure: Automatic mode;

Compatible memory card type: Micro SD card

Product Manual:

ZYX T2D-10X is a two-axis optical zoom gimbal developed specifically for fixed-wing UAVs, multi-rotor UAVs, unmanned ships, unmanned vehicles, robots, and other platforms. The gimbal camera is equipped with an optical zoom of ten times the lens uses a 1/3 CMOS sensor with 4 million effective pixels.

The gimbal is equipped with a high-precision 2-axis gimbal, with a total weight of 303g. The T2D-10X gimbal uses a Micro HDMI video output interface and supports S.bus and serial protocol control.

The gimbal pod supports two vertical / inverted axis installation and usage modes, and is especially suitable for fixed-wing drones, rotary-wing drones, unmanned helicopters, unmanned vehicles, unmanned vessels, and inspections in inspection fields , inspection and monitoring used in smart devices like robots.


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