#GPK – Extreme Positioning.

Seagull #GPK is a high precision single band GNSS receiver which can operate in multiple modes in order to give you the utmost flexibility and precision for your UAV platform! #GPK is capable of tracking the following satellite signals – GPS L1C/A, GLONASS L1OF, BEIDOU B1I.

  • Multiple modes – Real Time Kinematic, Post Processed Kinematic, Moving Baseline
  • High refresh rate – 4Hz MB, 5Hz RTK, 10Hz RAW, 10Hz GNSS
  • High position accuracy – up to 1 cm!
  • Easy configuration – via SD card 
  • Two operational modes – BASE or ROVER
  • On-board PPK logging, #MAP-X2 compatible, Multiple Flight Controllers supported 


Representation of two #GPK modules operating in RTK mode with #RADIO modules used for data transmission

What it does

Seagull #GPK supports the following functions

  • BASE / ROVER ( #GPK can operate either as a BASE or ROVER )
  • RTK ( Real Time Kinematic navigation for your drone and logging – at 5Hz )
  • PPK ( Post Processed Kinematic BASE logging and ROVER logging+navigation with #MAP-X2 – at 10Hz )
  • MB ( Moving Baseline navigation and logging, requires 2 x #GPK modules – at 4Hz )
  • GNSS ( Non-Kinematic mode navigation and logging – at 10Hz )

What it supports

The following hardware is supported

Flight Controllers:

  • Pixhawk 1
  • Pixhawk 2.1
  • Pixracer
  • APM 2.6
  • APM 2.5

– all of the ardupilot based FCs’ are supported as well any FC that is capable of utilizing UBX/NMEA messages for navigation


  • #RADIO
  • #MAP-X2

What you get

The following is part of this product

  • 1 x Seagull #GPK
  • 1 x GPS antenna for #GPK
  • 1 x 16GB micro SD card ( w.  fullsize adaptor )

 – all the support you could wish for !


Details for Seagull #GPK

  • Ublox NEO-M8P-2 GNSS receiver. Supports following signals L1C/A, L1OF, B1I – GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU
  • Refresh rate: up to 10Hz
  • Voltage: 3.9 – 12V (5 volts recommended – do NOT exceed 12V!)
  • Current draw: 80mA MIN, 100mA AVERAGE, 120mA MAX
  • Dimensions: 45mm x 41mm x 11mm
  • Weight: 16g


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