RC Planes History in India

Radio Controlled Planes first introduced in NCC air wings from there most of hobby enthusiasts develop interest in this hobby. Now RC planes have many useful applications. Previously RC planes or aircraft were remotely piloted by pilots on ground using their transmitters. As technology developed and low cost autopilots easily available to user start building UAVs which can fly without any human input.

Material used for making of RC Planes.

Mostly balsa wood is used to build aeromodel. But now days many type of foams are used for manufacturing in factories like EPO planes are mostly available. Home builder also use depron sheets to build air frames which are cheaper and you can easily repair them on ground while flying.

Who can fly RC Planes in India.

There is no restriction on flying aeromodels any hobby enthusiast can learn to build these airplanes and start flying them without using autopilot.

This is Made in India Air frame for hobby enthusiast in our country. It is an Aeromodel which flies beautifully and with the precision of laser cutting we provide you fully assembled and finished AirFrame you have to install servo and other electronics and it is ready to fly.

There is a large hatch on the top of the fuselage to access the battery, no need to remove the wing. The wing is a bolt on unit, eliminating the hassle of rubber bands. 61inch wings provide good lift and stable flight which you will enjoy. This frame is also good for new hobby enthusiast who is planning to join our group.



  1. This is only frame no electronics or Engine comes with this frame.
  2. Shipping Charges not included in listed price.
  3. You can pickup from New Delhi/Gwalior



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