Long Endurance Drone UAV for Mapping and Survey in India

Lightweight design,the endurance capability increase 30-  37% than the same industry products with the same payload
and size. The fuselage adopts high strength and integrated molding Aeronautical Aluminum,improve the whole strength and
installed convenience.
12%  More Efficiency
20% More Stability
15% Less Weight

T-MOTOR Power System

For long endurance characteristics, the efficiency, reliability and weight have been optimized to make

Besides improving the redundancy and reliability of the ESC itself, added LED lamp debugging, motor debugging
automatically without tools.

using ultra-light props, the weight is half of the same specification.

Smart Battery

15-38 minutes endurance time of most drones on the market,
we deeply know users ask for longer time and higher efficient
operation.So we use highenergy density Lithium battery,improve
power management system, finally reach amazing 72 minutes
Battery Energy
Battery Algorithm

Recharge cycle
Energy Density


Through continuous testing and numerous flight tests, as well as a number of collaborative flight
projects. Proven M-Series is an efficient and reliable compact flight platform.

30- Air Flight Projects
Laboratory Experiment
• Fully AutonomoüS Flight
I Airborne Systems And Equipment
Comply wlth European DO- 178 a.’latlon standards
I Airborne Circuit Design And Production
Comply wlth mllltary standard IPC3 standards
I The Frame Connector Selects The International
Brand LEMO, Positronic, HRS, MOLEX
The whole frame uses the American Cherry brand aviation rivet rivetiny
strictly imple ments the aviation industry riveting standard
1 3m/s
50 mm/24h

Completely open Gimbal interface, M series Gimbal frame can mount any equipment.Making wider application
areas and performing different tasks.lfyou have such request,M family can help you.


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