• Model  –    V45AV2
  • Current  –    45A
  • Peak current  –    55A (10s)
  • BEC  –    10V/2A
  • Lipo  –    3-6S
  • Weight  –    21g
  • Size  –    46.4x41x7mm
  • Mounting hole  –    30.5×30.5mm,M3
  • Parameter tuning software  –    BLHeliSuite32
  • ESC Firmware  –    Tmotor 32Bit
  • Typical application 370-450 mulli-rotor  –    170-450 Drone
  • 10Pin-10Pin silicone wires in accessories can be connected to T-MOTOR F4 or F7 Flight controller directly
  • Please make parallel welding for capacitor and power cord positive and negative(The negative is marked in white on the side of capacitor)
  • IFESC is matched used with other brands flight controller, please confirmifeach interface definition is correct accordingly. If not, please adjustline sequence at first wrong sequence would damgeght controller or ESC


  • Each time ESCs are connected to the system, input throttle signal will be detected automatically when powered on and execute corresponding throttle mode.
  • When BLDC motor is connected to the system for the first time, or RC equipment is changed, throttle calibration is required. Please skip throttin range calibration when input signal is Dshot mode.
  • Don’t flash any other firmwares to avoid esc damage.
  • Please repeatedly check the polarity before power up.
  • Please repeatedly check if the polarity and connection sequence are correct before power up. Wrong connetion would damage the equipments
  • Please power off first when pluging or making any connections:
  • Please using within the range of ESC working current.
  • Please use welding equipment with full power and choose right-size welding head. Try to avoid any euipments out of operation or short-circuits damage caused by wrong welding.
  • VBAT is battery voltage, if connecting to other equipment, please make sure if the input voltage is within the range.
  • CRT (Current) is current detection output interface, which can be connected to the flight controllers that support current detection like F4 and F7
  • For more information, please feel free to contact T-MOTOR after-sale service
  • center

Welding Tips:

  • Don’t add tin wire too much and too fast in welding process in case solder ball spilling out
  • Stick a layer of electrical tape above cooling fin before welding in case tin or other
  • pollutes spotting on fin
  • Please carefully check if there are any tin ball or bonded soldering joint before power up in case equipment damage caused by short-circuit
  • Please use 95% or higher purity alcohol or water when cleaning PCB and dont squeeze components and wires much

Remedies after water:

  • Please power off at first once ESC FC or other PCBs(including motors) meet water damage, and dont power on again
  • Clean all clutter and dry with hairdryer
  • Please dont power on again before making sure there is no water inside any more Please contact our after-sale service center ASAP
  • If you can see solder joints or burnt traces on components, which means this power section has burned out. Please dont poweron again then lead to further damage


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