• Model NO.    _    32 11(812.8mm*279.4mm)
  • Weight (Single Blade)    _    107+5g
  • Thrust Limitation    _    35kg
  • Optimum RPM    _    1200-3000 RPM/min
  • Surface Treatment    _    Glossy
  • T-MOTOR Series    _    2blades-integrated
  • Material    _    CF+Epoxy
  • Ambient Temp    _    -40°C-65°C
  • Storage Temp/Humidity    _    -10°C-50°C/<85%




  1. Propmarked with “L” is for CW which for CCW (aerial view).
  2. Please be careful when using the propellers as the spinning propellers may cause seriuos injury.
  3. The structural strength of the propellers are fully tested. Please make sure the propellers are not used beyond the limits. Please do not tempt to test the strength of the propollers by bending them by hands Any damage or loss from improper use will be on the use.
  4. Mease make sure all the accessories are mounted properly.
  5. Please check on the propellers before fight and make sure they are in good condition. Please replace propellers with new ones it fault is found with them.
  6. Please apply anaerobic screw locking glue of medium or above strength when install propellers onto motors.
  7. Please use the propellers in compliance with local laws and regulations.


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