Here we have the Wild Thumper 4WD multi chassis kit with four monster truck type wheels/tires and grabber. It can be operated using the Arduino system or by R/C and is very maneuverable. It features an aluminum chassis which has been pre-drilled giving you infinite mounting points for fitment of a multitude of sensors or accessories. It has four 75:1 geared motors with metal output shafts and each motor has individual suspension for maximum traction.

Pressed from quality 3mm aluminum, the gripper is extremely light and very strong. It has a DGServo S06NF MG servo and a DGservo S05NF MG servo operating the gripper. The gripper moves from 0 to 37mm fully open and the wrist joint bends through 100 degrees. When powered at 7.2V, the chassis  can reach a top speed of approximately 3 km/h and each motor has a stall torque of roughly 11 kg-cm (150 oz-in).

Wild Thumper:
• Monster truck type wheels w/rubber tires
• 75:1 gear ratio for maximum torque
• Robust aluminum chassis
• Grabber and servos included
• All hardware and tools included
• Pressed from aluminum
• High torque MG servos
• Magnetic servo saver for gripper
• Instruction manual

Wild Thumper:
Size: 310 x 280 x 115mm
Weight: 1635g
Drive Type: Monster Truck Type Wheels/Tires (4WD)
Wheel Diameter: 120mm
Gear Ratio: 75:1
Motors: 4 x DC Motor (Metal Output Shaft)
Dimensions: 240 x 70 x 65mm
Weight: 280g
13kg MG Servo:
Size: 40.4mm x 19.8mm x 36mm
Weight: 48g
Speed: 0.22Sec/60 deg
Torque: 13kg. cm
3.2kg MG Servo:
Size: 28mm x 14mm x 29.8mm
Weight: 18g
Speed: 0.013Sec/60 deg
Torque: 2.3kg. cm

Radio or robotic equipment of your choice


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