Description :

Mavlink LED Controller include a controller board , 6 set of highlight LED strip and one USB to UART module. It is compatible with any flight controller with ardupilot or PX4 firmware like Pixhawk serial, APM serial, Pixracer, NAVIO2, PXFmini, etc. It is compatible with Mavlink 1 and Mavlink 2.


  • Front 2 LEDs (F1 and F2) indicate the orientation of the plane and become solid when the arm of the plane breathes when it is disarmed. The color can be changed through the Configurator
  • Rear 2 LEDs (R1 and R2) indicate the status of the aircraft (GPS, RC failsafe, low battery, critical low battery, flight mode change). See the table below for more information on the status of the aircraft
  • Another 2 LEDs (F3 and F4) show a solid color. The color can be changed through the Configurator
  • All LEDs can be turned on/off via one of Ch6 to Ch16
  • A blue small LED on the controller will indicate if the Mavlink message was received. Flicker when not receiving Mavlink message, solid when receiving Mavlink message.
  • The LED strip will flash alternately when it does not receive the Mavlink message. It will work normally when receiving the Mavlink message

Package includes:

1 x Mavlink LED controller

6 x RGB LED strip

1 x USB to UART module

1 x Stickers

1 x Cables

1 x User manual


cable length : 350 mm LED cable


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