Hobbywing 12KG Thrust Brushless Motor Combo

The XRotor Pro X6 brushless power system is a power system capable of carrying a load of 3~5kg (per axis) for agricultural drones. It can provide the thrust of up to 11.9kg and match28/30mm carbon fiber tube arms. It’s waterproof and dustproof to IPX7 standard and resistant to rainwater, pesticides, salt spray, sand, dust, mud, sandy soil, high temperature and impact. It also features the algorithm used for optimizing the FOC ESC &motor system and making the system more balanced, multiple protections like power-on self detection, power-on abnormal voltage, over-current and motor lock-up, and the real-time data output function.

Installation of the Power System

• Recommended Load (/Axis): 3-5kg
• Max. Thrust: 11.9kg
• Recommended LiPo Battery: 6-12S (Up to 52.2V 􀀊
• Operating Temperature: 20’C-50’C
• Recommended Carbon Fiber Tube: 30mm/28mm
• Total/Combo Weight: 720g
Waterproof & Dustproof Standard: IPX7

• Cont. Current: 80A (w/ Good Heat Dissipation)
• Recommended Input Voltage: 6-12S LiPo
• Peak Current: 100A (w/ Good Heat Dissipation)
• Fixed Throttle Range: 1100-1940μs

Propeller: 2388 Inch




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