Mauch Power-Cube 2 / V3


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What’s new in “V3” ? -> Please check the manual .

Power-Cube 2 “V3” with 2 outputs 2x 5.3V / 10A.

REM: The output voltage can be customized. Please mention in the required field, if you need a different output voltage on output 2  -> Output 1 can’t be changed and must remain 5.3V.

REM: Delivery without 059: Power-Switch . Please order it separatly if required.

Scope of delivery:

1x Power-Cube 2 with CFK enclosure and fan.

1x (040) PL sensor cable / L = 150mm

1X (060) Power-Cube / Pixhawk 2.1 cable / 2x Clik-Mate-6p / L = 200mm

1x (061) Power-Cube / Pixhawk 2.1 Backup / 2x Clik-Mate-6p + 1x JR / L = 200mm


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